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I'm a Jerk

Is Rags.

Snaarg has done good work with this site, and I've hijacked its user-base and sent them over to a non-LJ forum site. In my own defense I did have reasons. Threaded conversations, easy registration, private areas, multiple moderators (maybe you can do that here), and, importantly, a more common envirionment that most people easily recognize.

Sorry Snaarg, please keep those loose mobs offa me still?

edit: oh yeah! http://bmcforums.proboards44.com
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The Cult

I'm in the process of making this place a little more visually appealing and more usable for those of you who do (or don't) check it.

Since most of our membership aren't LJ users, I'll do my best to get them over.

BTW, Jamba: I have so much stuff for you if you ever log on. Heh.
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As a txt file this is a very easy to read list, but Livejournal strips tabs and screws with spacing, so this is a mess. I am trying to find a place to throw up my txt file for download, let me know if you have one.

My enchanting is at 225, and I have ingredients for almost everything I have the formula for, there are some drop formulas that I do not yet have.

Ench. approx description enchant
lvl cost name
300 54g60s +9 int - yellow Major Intellect
300 54g60s +9 spi - yellow Major Spirit
295 45g00s +9 dam Superior Impact
240 12g00s +7 dam - blue Greater Impact
200 3g60s +5 dam - blue Impact
145 1g24s +3 dam Lesser Impact
110 55s +3 spi Lesser Spirit
100 45s +3 int Lesser Intellect
100 55s +1 dam Minor Impact
-2H Weapons

300 36g00s % heal/+str - v. white Crusader
300 54g60s % 45dam/heal - purple Lifestealing
300 48g00s +5 dam Superior Striking
295 35g40s % debuff melee - skulls Unholy Weapon
285 57g25s % slow - very white Icy Chill
265 19g10s % 40 fire - very red Fiery Weapon
245 18g20s +4 dam - blue Greater Striking
230 6g00s % stun - very red Demonslaying
195 5g20s +3 dam Striking
190 7g37s +5 dam frost spells Winter's Might
175 1g42s +6 beasts - yellow Lesser Beastslayer
175 1g50s +6 elementals - red Lesser Elemental Slayer
140 1g16s +2 dam Lesser Striking
90 50s +3 beasts - red Minor Beastslayer
90 60s +1 dam Minor Striking

280 12g60s +9 spi Superior Spirit
265 5g00s +7 sta Greater Stamina
235 6g29s +8% frost resist Frost Resistance
230 4g60s +7 spi Greater Spirit
210 1g00s +5 sta Stamina
195 5g60s +2% block Lesser Block
180 1g40s +5 spi Spirit
155 48s +3 sta Lesser Stamina
130 70s +3 spi Lesser Spirit
115 65s +30 armour Lesser Protection
105 35s +1 sta Minor Stamina

295 19g20s +7 str Greater Strength
270 7g80s +7 agl Greater Agility
250 13g00s +1% attack speed Minor Haste
250 12g50s +3% ridingspeed Riding Skill
225 1g50s +5 herbs Advanced Herbalism
225 3g00s +5 str Strength
215 2g10s +5 mining Advanced Mining
210 1g40s +5 agl Agility
200 44s +5 skinning Skinning
145 38s +2 fishing Fishing
145 14s +2 herbs Herbalism
145 26s +2 mining Mining

285 12g00s +70 armour Superior Defense
265 2g90s +5 resist all Greater Resistance
225 2g40s +3 agl Lesser Agility
205 60s +50 armour Greater Defense
205 1g20s +3% resist all Resistance
175 50s +5% fire resist Fire Resistance
155 1g24s +30 armour Defense
135 94s +5% shadow resist Lesser Shadow Resistance
125 35s +5% fire resist Lesser Fire Resistance
115 65s +20 armour Lesser Protection
110 25s +1 agl Minor Agility
70 30s +10 armour Minor Protection
45 15s +1 resist all Minor Resistance

300 63g00s +4 all stats Greater Stats
290 14g90s +100 mana Major Mana
275 14g00s +100 health Major Health
245 14g20s +3 all stats Stats
230 6g00s +65 mana Superior Mana
220 1g20s +50 health Superior Health
200 5g60s +2 all stats Lesser Stats
185 1g20s +50 mana Greater Mana
160 24s +35 health Greater Health
150 1g83s +1 all stats Minor Stats
145 1g25s +30 mana Mana
140 1g85s 5% 25 dam Lesser Absorption
120 45s +25 health Health
80 20s +20 mana Lesser Mana
60 20s +15 health Lesser Health
40 15s 2% 10 dam Minor Absorption
20 05s +5 mana Minor Mana
15 05s +5 health Minor Health

300 22g50s +9 sta Superior Stamina
295 28g80s +9 str Superior Strength
270 8g30s +9 spi Superior Spirit
255 3g30s +7 int Greater Intellect
245 2g50s +7 sta Greater Stamina
240 4g60s +7 str Greater Strength
235 4g60s +3 defence Deflection
220 3g80s +7 spi Greater Spirit
210 2g40s +5 int Intellect
180 20s +5 str Strength
170 56s +2 defence Lesser Deflection
170 48s +5 sta Stamina
165 40s +5 spi Spirit
150 1g50s +3 int Lesser Intellect
140 16s +3 str Lesser Strength
130 16s +3 sta Lesser Stamina
120 50s +3 spi Lesser Spirit
80 25s +1 agl Minor Agility
80 25s +1 str Minor Strength
60 10s +1 spi Minor Spirit
50 15s +1 sta Minor Stamina
20 10s +5 mana Minor Deflection
1 05s +5 health Minor Health

295 26g40s +7 agl Greater Agility
275 7g70s +5 spi Spirit
260 5g00s +7 sta Greater Stamina
235 7g20s +5 agl Agility
225 5g15s Minor Speed
215 1g00s +5 sta Stamina
190 2g00s +3 spi Lesser Spirit
170 32s +3 sta Lesser Stamina
160 48s +3 agl Lesser Agility
125 80s +1 agl Minor Agility
125 40s +1 sta Minor Stamina

290 140g35s Runed Arcanite Rod
265 69g10s 150ac +7resist SmokingHeart of the Mountain
250 1g30s Enchanted Leather
250 1g75s Enchanted Thorium
200 4g12s Runed Truesilver Rod
175 1g85s 27.2 dps Greater Mystic Wand
155 93s 23.1 dps Lesser Mystic Wand
150 2g46s Runed Golden Rod
100 96s Runed Silver Rod
91 15s 11.9 dps Greater Magic Wand
10 05s 5.7 dps Lesser Magic Wand
1 11s Runed Copper Rod
Ench. approx description enchant
lvl cost name
Kyou Oso

(no subject)

For Aprils Fools, the WOW Realm Forums have been turned into Murlocs!

Alas, I cannot log into them to post from work.

Someone must claim this as our victory!

Blue Murloc Cult Conspiracy Takes Forums by Storm!


Kyou Oso


Skradd demands to know why he's not listed in the User Info.

Additionally, I'm seriously contemplating dropping leathersmithing and going with Mining or Herbalism.

Also, I am now level 23 and 1/3rd.

And, graye humps gnomes.

Dwarfs too.

Pathetic freak.


"WWSD? Skradd would screw YOU!" - Skradd
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sugar daddy

Hey folks,

So once you've settled on a character name and think the concept is going to "stick," let me know, either here or on WoW (Snaarg or Regulus), and I'll update the community userinfo. If you do the thottbot profile or allakhazam profile thing, link that, too, and I'll hook you up, as well.

Also, malahat is heading to Vegas for a week so our leatherworking is going to be down for a few days, but we've got plenty of materials and manpower for the other trades in the meantime.

Let me know if you need any items we can make (blacksmithing, tailoring, Alchemy, Engineering, Enchanting) and your level, and we'll try and make sure you're hooked up.

We'll also try and send some bags your way, as well, as soon as you think you're going to stick with the character. If you need some operating cash, I'm sure I can make sure you have some of that, as well.
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You'll find a home here with us!

So, welcome to the Blue Murloc Cult. Welcome to our family.

In reality, we're not so cultish. We're guildish. We're welcoming -- embracing, even, in a completely platonic sort of way -- and if you've joined up or are considering joining up, we hope you'll stay with us.

We'll use this community to do planning and communicating when we're not in-game, because, like the plebes we are, we work for a living. Oh, how we work! But that gives us the money and wherewithal to quest like fiends for the Mighty Horde on Uldum, and suckerpunch those Alliance jerks right in the stones.

If you're thinking of joining up, we're a pretty open and fair guild. We like to share, we like to party, and if you're just starting out, we'll do our best to help you out. If you need weapons and heavy armor, Snaarg (that's me) is your man. Leather your thing? Talk to Vent (aka malahat). How about cloth or wands? Ragazza (brendle) can help you out.

We'll do our best to help you in game, both materially and to have fun. Of course, that runs both ways, too; once you're up and running, we do hope you'll contribute your skills and trade goods to the group at large, as well.

Right now, we need members of all classes, and could use some doubling-up in the trades. Alchemists would be a real treat, for example, as would be more priests or mages. On Uldum, Orcs and Trolls are generally under-represented, if you're feeling like playing a less populous race.

Whatever your preference, welcome!

Contact Regulus, Snaarg, Kholl, Ragazza, Vent or Gorai on Uldum server, either by mail or by /tell, or comment here, and we'll do our best to sign you up ASAP.
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(no subject)

We seem to be back at the static thing, good stuff.


Snaarg needs:
Ore of all kind, as well as bars of stuff like Silver
Moss Agate
Other stones
blacksmith plans

Regulus needs:
Ore of all kinds
Moss agate/malachite/tigerseye, etc
Engineering parts
Engineering plans

Ragazza needs:
Low-level greens, cloth of all kinds
Tailoring plans
small lustrous pearls
light and medium leather
iridescent pearls

Gorai needs:
Herbs of all kinds, alchemy ingredients
Alchemy recipes

I'm not sure what Grumol and Vent need, so they could certainly post such biz with detail if they get a hankering to do so.
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